Located in the wetland area, this clubhouse relishes in the wonderful display of natural splendour. With many family-focused facilities, there will be endless opportunities to indulge in an outdoor lifestyle.


Cycling trails will enable residents to enjoy the great outdoors in the comfort of their beautiful natural surrounds.


Love to fish? Spend hours on end casting a line into our dam or into the ocean.

Scuba Diving

Explore the intricate reef formations and underwater world scuba diving at Sheffield Beach or Christmas Bay Beach.

Walking Trails

Dedicated walking and running trails will be created in amongst lush vegetation and forest for the outdoor enthusiasts.


Get away from the crowd and enjoy some quiet time while canoeing and exploring the indigenous surrounds.

Rock Pools

Sheffield Beach is just a stone’s throw away, take a trip to the beach and delight in splashing around in their splash pool.


One of the best spots to catch a wave is found right outside your front door. Sheffield Beach and Christmas Bay Beach offers incredible surf for avid surfers to revel in.

Kids' Park

A dedicated space will be created to entertain the kids outdoors for endless hours.

Tennis Courts

Situated close to the main clubhouse, you can enjoy a game of tennis with family or friends.